Extreme Corners

Fairmont Hairpin – Monaco
Image and information credit: https://www.senategrandprix.com/race-viewing-monaco/fairmont-hairpin-suite

The slowest corner in the F1 calendar is the Fairmont hairpin at the Monaco Grand Prix. The radius of the corner is so small (approx. 10m) that cars are only able to reach a maximum speed of 14 m/s.

Silerstone’s Copse corner is regarded by many as the current fastest corner in the F1 calendar. In 2017 the fastest average speed recorded around the corner was 80.5 m/s which gives the corner a radius of approximately 440 m. Drivers have been recorded experiencing forces of around 5g when taking the corner flat out, for reference astronauts within the space-shuttle experienced around 3g during the launch.

Circuit diagram of the Intercity Istanbul Park,
Picture and information Credit: https://www.wired.com/2011/05/turn-8-is-a-turkish-delight/

Nick-named “Diabolica”, turn 8 of the Turkish Grand Prix is a particularly impressive corner. Consisting of four apexes, the corner is the longest corner ever to feature in the F1 calendar at 640m, making up 12% of a single lap at the Intercity Istanbul park circuit.

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